Unique, truly authentic and meaningful photography.

Being a photographer brings a balance to my life as the business allows me to have a career doing something I passionately enjoy. Part of the reason I feel I am so successful at my photography is my love for capturing the memories for my clients and getting to know them while doing so.

Meet the Valley Studio’s Photographers
– Tina & Kyle

Photos are not just paper and ink or pixels on a computer screen. They are precious moments of our lives that we can enjoy now as beautiful art and share later with future generations. Our goal in every session is to show the beauty and love in everyday moments, big and small. From your baby’s first days in the world to a glimpse into your family’s daily routine, we would be honored to document those moments in your life.

Kyle Stevens has joined Tina behind the camera.

A few years ago, The Valley Studio expanded from one generation of photographers to two when Kyle Stevens joined Tina behind the camera. Kyle has had an eye for photography for many years and has mastered his style of art.



What can you expect when you hire The Valley Studio to capture your amazing moments?


Those unique moments that bring out the joy, happiness, love and emotion in all of us are the moments that we love to capture. We strive for that authenticity in all that we do.


Having both photographers available for your sessions gives us the ability to be as flexible as possible around your schedule, your preferences and your ideas! We’ll do our best to make it work for you!


Do you have last minute ideas, last minute events, did you just spontaneously decide to get married or are you one of those people who just loves to have fun and go with the flow during your photo shoots? We can help, because we do too!


With the more than 20 years experience that Tina brings to the table, you can rest assured that she knows just what is needed in every situation. She’s also been passing this knowledge and experience on to Kyle for many years so they are both well rounded and experts in their field.


Yes we are fun, spontaneous, flexible and experienced, but we are also extremely focused on delivering you an exceptional experience and the highest quality of photography. We are always learning new techniques, approaches, filters and constantly keep up with trends.


Most importantly and certainly a main focus of ours is the FUN! We try to always create the atmosphere that makes you comfortable and are able to enjoy the experience of capturing your story. We love smiles, we love laughter and we love when you have fun!

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